Igbo Language

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Igbo Language for beginners

  • 2.1 – Your colleagues
  • 2.2 – Your Friends
  • 2.3 – Your Acquittances

1.0 – Ekene – Greetings
Greet and be able to respond to greetings accordingly Know what to greet in formal and informal situations Know how to address different genders when talking to them, for example: nne, nna, ada Know parting greetings, what to greet when parting with someone, for example; ka chi foo, ka ọdị echi, ka emesịa

2.0 – Afa Ife – Names of things/ human, Part 1,
Names of common objects and some living things Be able to talk about them

3.0 – Okwu banyere ife – Talk about things/Yourself/family/colleagues
Talk about common objects/human Be able to use the verbs to do this

4.0 – Mkpụlụ Edemede Igbo – Igbo Alphabets
Identify the Igbo alphabets Pronounce the Igbo alphabets Read the Igbo alphabets Generate words and sentences from the Igbo alphabets Play word games

5.0 – Ihe odide maka onwe gị – A composition about yourself
Talk about yourself Write a composition about yourself Features Family Colleagues Job Interest School Business

6.0 – Ịkọ – Akụkọ – General Conversation