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Evepac Online English Studies is filled with amazing educators. In a short while, I was able to learn so much from them, especially how to organize my thoughts into writing (creative writing). The energy and great ideas are inspirational!
Chichetam Favour Tuase
I have learnt a lot in this short while, Evepac Online English Studies has taught me how to write outlines, stories, and the different types of Essays. I am grateful for this opportunity you gave me. I will not misuse it.
Aman Abdulkadri
I read the book "Pain in the Heart" by Eugenia Ekwesi. It got me emotional. It's a very spectacular novel that had an impact on my life as I started viewing life differently. I'm grateful to Evepac Online English Studies for this opportunity. I look out for more books.
Gideon Spice

Frequently Asked Questions

Our courses are made available through pre-recorded video, soft copy material, and live lectures with any of our instructors.

Here, you’ll learn at your convenience. You’ll also learn while working or attending school and our courses are not limited to time and place

You can access our courses once you’re enrolled in any of them. You can make payment with credit card or through mobile transfer.

At least two days before your lecture begins.

You reschedule, but you must inform us twelve hours before the time for your lecture.

The duration is determined by the type of course and level of study. Generally, it falls between three months to three years. If one needs to go longer than this, it will be discussed and agreed on by all the parties.

Plan to spend four hours a week for two lectures.

You cannot get a certificate from us because there are established institutions for this purpose. We prepare you for various examinations that will enable you to get the certificates.

Our team of experts will handle this adequately.

We are convinced that you will do well with us.

Yes, there will be interaction with other online students.