1.3 List some items of register peculiar to different professions.


Examination, curriculum, average, result, assessment, faculty, scheme of work, syllabus, course work, secondary school, tertiary institution, lesson, period, textbooks, primary school, lecture, teacher, faculty, lecturer, department, research, graduation, etc.


Adoption, advocate, agent, case, court, appeal, bail, annulment, admission, amnesty, counsel, access, acquittal, arbitration, adjourn, amendment, justice, accomplice, the aggrieved party, annulment, witness, alibi, abscond, judgment, judge, etc.


Crop, plant, farming, poultry, cereals, hatchery, irrigation, piggery, cultivation, harvest, harvester, hatchery, weeding, erosion, grain, soil, fishing, irrigation, mulching, pollination, breeding, ridge, manure, animal dung, forestry, grain, plantation, etc.


Supper, dinner, lunch, chef, pot, plate, taste, spice, cutlery, garnish, cook, soup, stew, boil, dining table, balanced diet, yam flour, water, drink, fire, appetizer, dessert, sweet, oil, fruits, jollof rice, pepper soup, dish, etc.

Banking and Finance

Certified, bill payment, credit, debit, discount, bank statement, appraisal, bankrupt, shares, loan, cash on transfer, collateral, certified cheque, debit card, income, loss, profit, automated teller machine (ATM), beneficiary, invest, etc.


Election, politician, campaign, constituency, senate, senatorial zone, standing committee, candidate, ballot, party, inauguration, gubernatorial, vote, no-confidence vote, polling agent, congress, lobbying, impeachment, president, governor, chairman, electoral committee, etc.


Desktop, laptop, data, save, configure, drive, folder, printer, diskette, copy, paste, backup, artificial intelligence, cell, character, type, designer, dialog box, virus, insert, layout, review, log-on, file, icon, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc.


Christianity, Islam, prayer, Anglican, gospel, Pentecostal, scripture, bible, heresy, communion, evangelism, preaching, baptism, repentance, blessing, heathen, worship, holy spirit, Buddhism, Hinduism, offering, pagan, orthodox, etc.