1.4.1 Identify items of register in a given passage.


Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.


Pain in the Heart (pg. 60 – 61) – by Eugenia Ekwesi

The next crop to be harvested was cassava, but when my father noticed that the tubers were not mature enough, he postponed the harvest. This made things easier for us because we were left with only two types of crops to harvest. We then went on to harvest maize. The harvest of maize was not very easy. While the men cut the stalks down with the cob, Ngozi, Chukwudi, and I removed the maize cob from the stalk. After this, we went on to remove the leaves that covered the maize cob itself. The little we did that day was very tedious. That evening y mother advised us to bring back the cobs with their leaves so that after the cooking she would help to do the work. The next day we did exactly as she said. This helped us because she was much faster than every one of us in the removal of the leaves.

That evening Chibueze and Emeka came back to carry some yams. They too removed the leaves from the corn cobs. As usual, they left early the next morning with bigger baskets of yams. The harvest of corn took us three days. In the end, we were happy because a better part of the harvest had been done. We went into the last farm on the sixth day. The harvest of okra was not tedious as the others. The men picked the okra while we carried it to the prepared place for it around the huts. Sometimes there would be none to carry. At the end of the day, my mother cooked another type of local food which was foo-foo and okra soup.