1.5 State appropriate uses of jargon



Jargon is a universal and specialized vocabulary. It is the technical language of professionals. It embraces the use of words to show expertise and experience in a profession. Jargon is used by people that practice the same trade, work in a particular area, or people that have a common interest. For example, the military, advertisement, music, health/medicine, agriculture, engineering, finance, education, cookery, law, politics, etc.

Jargon is used among professionals in the same field. It includes the use of a formal or technical register of the profession. When they are used beyond this sphere, the technical terms may not be understood by those that are not in the same field or profession.


Appropriate uses of Jargon

Jargon is used appropriately when used in the following manner:

(i) For effective communication by experts or members.

(ii) When the audience will understand.

(iii) When it does not display the complexity of the subject matter.

(iv) When it is not used to show off or impress members of the audience.

(v) When discussing a technical topic with a technical audience.