2.2 Identify the features of each type of essay listed in 2.1 above.

Descriptive Essay

The descriptive essay as the name implies describes something. It draws a clear picture with words. It can describe an object, a process, a person, a house, and many other things. In essence, it gives graphic detail of something. It makes use of imagery and precise details.

Narrative Essay

A narrative essay relates a sequence of events or tells a story. It can be based on fact or the writer’s imagination. It gives attention to details in terms of character, setting, and conflict. The structure is usually, the beginning, conflict, climax, and resolution.

Expository Essay

The expository essay is used to inform the readers, explain something, or analyze certain facts. In essence, it passes relevant information. In most cases, it follows a chronological ordering, for example, a review of books or films, and instruction leaflets that are attached to television sets or other purchased items. It can tell us how something is put together, operated, or repaired.

Argumentative Essay

In this type of writing, the writer persuades the reader to accept his views or position on a particular issue. The essence is to convince or influence the audience.