2.1 List the different types of essays

Essay Writing


An essay is a short composition on a particular theme or subject. It involves the arrangement of sentences into paragraphs that are logically connected.

One of the important things in an essay is that the writer adopts a particular point of view on a particular topic, reflecting his style.

Parts of an Essay

We have three parts of an essay. They are introduction, body, and conclusion.


This is the first paragraph or the opening paragraph. It covers at least a paragraph. It informs the reader of the subject of the entire essay and gives a basic explanation of this subject of discussion. It shows the tone of the essay, for instance, anxiety or impatience. It also shows the style of the writer, for example, short sentences can reflect the tone of impatience.


In this paragraph, the writer presents the main argument, explanation, and information process. It contains more paragraphs that support the main idea in the introduction. These paragraphs are logically connected by linking words like, in addition to, besides, although, yet, in other words, and some others.


The conclusion is usually the last paragraph. It ends the essay. It brings together all that has been discussed in the essay. It does not present a new point rather it drives home the points discussed.

Types of Essays

There are four basic types of Essays. These include the descriptive essay, narrative essay, expository essay, and argumentative essay.