The Girl Next Door by Eugenia Ekwesi

Becky starred at her mirror, watching every curve of her body. She had recently gained a few pounds, which Edgar found attractive.

Becky chuckled and put a finishing touch to her makeup.
She picked a bag to match her clothes and checked her look in the mirror for the last time. There was no flaw, so she stepped out of her apartment for a dinner with Edgar, her heart throb.

It did not take her long to locate Edgar when she walked into the Federal Limousine Hotel in Lekki Peninsula. Edgar embraced and led her to her seat.

“You look gorgeous,” he said as she sat down. “My charming lady, what’s the secret of your beauty?” Becky felt flattered. Edgar was generous with compliments, she thought. He knew the right words at any given situation and possessed the magic to make anyone in his company happy.

“Oh! Thanks, you look handsome and striking too.” “That’s quite agreeable,” Edgar said.
They laughed.

As soon as they were done with dinner, Edgar held Becky’s hand and said, “My love, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”
Becky looked downcast at once. Edgar assumed the news had stunned her.

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