The Last Love by Eugenia Ekwesi

Early the next morning, there was a tap on Stephanie’s door.

“Come in.”

Doctor Fred, her family doctor, Doctor Williams, the psychiatrist, and two nurses filed in. After the routine check, the nurses left the room.

Stephanie clenched her fist as Doctor Fred introduced her to Doctor Williams. He had observed Stephanie’s discomfort and decided to leave the room before she changed her mind about seeing Doctor Williams.

Doctor Williams was an experienced mental health professional. Starting a conversation was easy for him. Soon, Stephanie was chatting and laughing as if with an old friend. Their discussion dwelt much on her two
children who she told Doctor Williams were smart and
“As charming as their dad?”

She responded gleefully,
“That’s good,” Doctor Williams said and then went on to ask. “You really love him, right ?” “Yes.” But her eyes were


Doctor Williams didn’t miss the motion along her throat. “Can you tell me more about both of you; I want to believe he loves you too.” “Yes”, she answered, clenching her fist again. “But …”

“But what?”
“Everything’s crumbling, Doctor,” Stephanie teared up.

Dr. Williams encouraged her to tell him more instead of crying.
Then Stephanie said… Download the full story.